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Company specializing in carrying out industrial design projects, models and prototypes of all kinds vaho, fad foundation and eastpack are som of our clients.

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Since we created LePaué Company, we have the capacity to develop projects of all kinds.

We got our own workshop and specialized machines and like first level collaborators.


-       iron
-       steel
-       brass
-       aluminum
-       metal
-       plastic
-       wood
-       brass
-       technical materials

With its sections, round tubes, square, rectangular, solid bar and plate.


Here we show you some of the processes we do to do our stuff like cylindrical part turning, milling, welding machine for wire.

-       autogenous
-       electric points for any materia
-       folding plasticl
-       polycarbonates
-       PVC and sheet
-       construction of structures of all types and sizes
-       construction parts with mold with any material
-       Laser cutting pieces
-       oxyfuel cutting pieces
-       press blanking


We like to give our stuff a good final look, and this are some finishes we do in the workshop:

-       painting
-       anodized
-       sandblasting
-       galvanized
-       blued
-       nickel
-       controlled oxidations

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